About Us

Made with ethical manufacturing & oversight, our Cool Mom shirt is as stylish and comfortable as it is sustainable.

We created Cool Mom to spread awareness that the U.S. is the only developed nation on earth currently lacking a paid federal paternity leave policy.

In 2019, working women are still fired and discriminated against for becoming pregnant; fathers are denied the ability to stay at home after the birth or adoption of a child.

“Cool Mom” is more than a Mean Girls reference to us; it’s an homage to working mothers in today’s world who make sacrifices to create better lives for their families.

If Cool Mom sells out, we plan to create “Cool Dad,” “Cool Aunt,” and “Cool Uncle” shirts based on your suggestions.


Mia Zuccaro Merrill and Anna Zuccaro are a collaborative sister duo based in New York City. They were inspired to create Cool Mom by their great grandmothers and grandmother: a community organizer and political activist, bootlegger and orphan of the Great Depression. To them, these women represent a strength and independence that not only helped define their roles as mothers, but as people who refused to let the ideas of gender roles stereotypes limit their aspirations or success.